Thursday, December 29, 2016

I've been busy

This year was probably the most productive crafting Christmas in a long time. I think if I had had more time I would have made more. I was in the crafting flow.

  I made some Cord Tacos for my family.   I believe I made 33 of them!  I felt like they were well received.  One of my friends asked me to buy a few from me for stocking stuffers after I gave her and her husband the ones I made for them. This project was a quick and satisfying project and a great scrap buster! I could make these all day.

  I made a double layered crocheted edge fleece blanket. This is the fourth blanket that I've done like this and I think I figured out the method to faster and more efficient blanket making. I failed to take a photo of this, but it was purple, grey, and black plaid with a purple fleece back. It think it turned out well.

  I made a cute little sewing kit from my sewing stash and a bit of extra stuff for my cousin's daughter who wants to learn to sew.  I made a pin cushion from a mason jar.

  I made pinecone fire starters.  This gift was kind of a wash.  They didn't end up looking very good.  I think they'll work though, so there's that.

  I made homemade shave cream.  Lavender and rosemary.  It was kind of fun to make, but I think I might need to experiment with a homemade shave cream that lathers a bit more.

  I also made some chocolate dry shampoo.  I hope it works.  I wasn't able to try it before gifting.

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