Thursday, December 29, 2016

I've been busy

This year was probably the most productive crafting Christmas in a long time. I think if I had had more time I would have made more. I was in the crafting flow.

  I made some Cord Tacos for my family.   I believe I made 33 of them!  I felt like they were well received.  One of my friends asked me to buy a few from me for stocking stuffers after I gave her and her husband the ones I made for them. This project was a quick and satisfying project and a great scrap buster! I could make these all day.

  I made a double layered crocheted edge fleece blanket. This is the fourth blanket that I've done like this and I think I figured out the method to faster and more efficient blanket making. I failed to take a photo of this, but it was purple, grey, and black plaid with a purple fleece back. It think it turned out well.

  I made a cute little sewing kit from my sewing stash and a bit of extra stuff for my cousin's daughter who wants to learn to sew.  I made a pin cushion from a mason jar.

  I made pinecone fire starters.  This gift was kind of a wash.  They didn't end up looking very good.  I think they'll work though, so there's that.

  I made homemade shave cream.  Lavender and rosemary.  It was kind of fun to make, but I think I might need to experiment with a homemade shave cream that lathers a bit more.

  I also made some chocolate dry shampoo.  I hope it works.  I wasn't able to try it before gifting.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Fabric Giveaway!

This giveaway is CLOSED at 5pm PST on Sunday December 11th. The winner is Jennifer Blanton! Congratulations! Thanks to all that participated in the giveaway, 50 people!  Just a note, if you commented with your email address, I removed it to keep your information safe! Thanks. Samantha

I am excited to be participating in the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day this year.  It's hard to believe that I started this blog 4 years ago to make closet space for my little one who is now four and a half and I have another little one that is two and a half years old!  On the 4 year anniversary of this blog, I am very excited again to join in this year's Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day.  My blog was started when I lost my crafting room when my son was born. It was an attempt by me to clear out my substantial craft supplies. I am still working on it. ;)

As this blog is about clearing out my craft closet, I am happy to send along a package with fabrics from my stash to a good home. I bought all of these fabrics with no project in particular so they've never come to anything in particular.  I was thinking of making a quilt with these fabrics, but somehow my quilt never came into being. Sometimes, I liked the fabric and it was a good deal so I bought it.  I just haven't made the projects.  Too many projects, so little time.  :)  It's been difficult to get projects done around here with the two kids.  I still try to craft when I can.  It brings me so much joy. 

My giveaway prize features fabric from my stash.  Three pieces of assorted mix.  I apologize for the poor photos.  I took them when my kids were sleeping.  1) A green fabric with gold star like pattern. 2) A peach and burgundy piece from a half apron that never was made.  3) A white fabric with green leaves that was a curtain in my old office before kids.. :)

 A closeup of the patterns:

It's all packaged up and ready for a winner!

To the winner, I hope you can find some good use out of these fabrics.  I would love to see what you end up making.  Send me a photo if you remember.  This is my way of thanking the crafting community. I have learned so much from tutorials around on the web. So thank you! Samantha

To win, please leave a comment below from December 7th to December 11th at 5pm PST for a chance to win.  You can write your email at ____ dot com so your email won't be picked up by spammers.  I delete all comments with email addresses for your protection after the winner is chosen.  Thanks.  A random winner will be picked with the help of by December 12th.  If the winner does not respond in 5 days another winner will be pick (Sorry).  US winners only.  Sorry no international shipping.  

Good luck!

A question for you:
Do you ever buy fabric without any specific intention or do you always have a project in mind when you buy fabric?  

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for helping me clear out my craft closet. :)

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