Friday, February 19, 2016

A gift for the hubby: A great Valentine's gift for family

I have been enjoying making t-shirts for my husband.  He always seems to like them and he always likes long sleeved shirts.  So... I had this idea of getting the kids and my handprints on a t-shirt for his birthday. 

Getting the handprints were the most difficult part to get.  Getting a handprint from a 20 month old is difficult.  My 3 1/2 year old was happy to give a good handprint.  I traced around our hands and then settled on a design for placement.  Then I printed out the text that I wanted the word "love" and the year "2016."   Then I placed it on contact paper and cut it out with an Exacto knife.

As for the fabric paint, I used white, and the pouncer I purchased a while ago from Amazon, a Martha Stewart product, is amazing.

I was really please with the results and the hubby liked it too!

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