Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas gifts post

I was busy working on Christmas gifts up until two days before my family gathering.  I missed out on taking photos of the actual gifts.. Fortunately, my family is awesome :) and most of them have taken photos and sent them to me so I can post here. More coming...

I made a bunch of business card wallets with clips for my aunts.  Here are a few photos of them.

I loved this feathery designed fabric from Fabmo.  One interior with purple and one interior was blue.

This fabric was from a swatch from a big swatch book also from Fabmo. 

I used fabric from Fabmo, that is reclaimed fabric that was destined to go to the landfill.  It was a lot of work to take off the fabric labels, but I think I figured out a good way to do it.  First you soak the fabric, this might not work for all fabrics.  I did this until the labels were very soaked.  Then I threw them in the dryer and the labels came off fairly easily.  Some of the fabric shrunk, but I didn't really care since I wasn't tied to the size.

Here are the instructions for the business card wallet: (I added a little strap and clip so that it could be clipped to a purse so it would not be lost)

I made a travel wallet for my mom since she does travel.  I found this awesome fabric because I couldn't find the right fabric for her. It's Amy Butler free spirit line called Oh Dear.  I love the fabric!  I hope she does too.  I opted not to make the straps for around the neck, because I didn't think she would use it.  I thought a clip to hook it into her purse would be more practical.  

Instructions for the Happy Travels wallet was found at Sew Mama Sew here: