Friday, December 4, 2015

No sew fleece blanket

Christmas sewing is under way. I am nearly finished with a big Christmas gift, a fleece blanket for my brother and sister in law. I can't show it here yet, but I can send you off to the instructions if you want to make them. 

I had previously tried to make a two layered fleece blanket with a crocheted edge for them last year which became a failure that lives in my home. It was a version where you sew, then cut and then crochet and do it again for the second side. It took forever and my hands were hurting after so much cutting. Every half inch around a three yard piece of fleece.  Not so fun

I found these instructions for a no see version and it's taken me a few hours and I nearly done!  I'm so excited I might even make a little bag for the blanket. 

Here is what I did to modify the instructions. 
Safety pin the two layers together so it's flat and they match each other in size. 

Cut the two inch squares off each corner before doing the cutting around the blanket. 

I made 1 1/2 inch cuts around the entire blanket. (I think next time I would make 1 inch cuts)

Fold the tabs over and cut holes in the middle of the tabs. 

Take one loop and pull it through the loop next to it. Continue around entire blanket. 

Cut the hole in the last loop. Pull one set(the two layers) through the first loop. Overlap ends and sew together.  

Voila! It takes only a few hours. It could be finished in an afternoon, if you have that kind of time. It took me three sessions over a few days. 

Link to original tutorial:

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