Sunday, October 11, 2015

Birthday present: a mistake or two

I have a friend with a birthday next Saturday and I wanted to make another of those wallet pouches I made last week. I thought I could make it without reading the directions again since I just made it, but I was wrong. 

It seemed too thin when I finished it up. I had it all packaged up when I realized I forgot the flannel layer that she uses as a type of batting. So. I'm keeping my mistake and I made another. I was nearly finished with the second one and I ran out of thread. I wasn't able to finish the top stitching around the top. I decided that I should stop and the gift was good enough. So it's packaged and ready to send. Too bad it's a holiday tomorrow. I would have sent it then. 

It still looks good. I love this fabric. The top one is without the flannel and the bottom one is with the flannel. 

This only takes about an hour. The most time consuming task is getting the sewing machine thread and bobbin set up. 

Here's my pin to the tutorial:

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