Sunday, October 11, 2015

Birthday present: a mistake or two

I have a friend with a birthday next Saturday and I wanted to make another of those wallet pouches I made last week. I thought I could make it without reading the directions again since I just made it, but I was wrong. 

It seemed too thin when I finished it up. I had it all packaged up when I realized I forgot the flannel layer that she uses as a type of batting. So. I'm keeping my mistake and I made another. I was nearly finished with the second one and I ran out of thread. I wasn't able to finish the top stitching around the top. I decided that I should stop and the gift was good enough. So it's packaged and ready to send. Too bad it's a holiday tomorrow. I would have sent it then. 

It still looks good. I love this fabric. The top one is without the flannel and the bottom one is with the flannel. 

This only takes about an hour. The most time consuming task is getting the sewing machine thread and bobbin set up. 

Here's my pin to the tutorial:

Friday, October 9, 2015

Little pizza chef hat

I have looking at this tutorial for a pizza chef for a while on Andrea's notebook. It looked super easy and I wanted to make a hat for my son for Halloween.

The tutorial was easy, but there is a problem with the instructions. It says you only need 1/2 yard of fabric to make this hat and then it tells you to make a 24 inch circle.  1/2 yard is only 18 inches. You can't make a circle 24 inches unless you sew the fabric together.  

I made due with a 19 inch circle. Thank you to the lady that cut my fabric a little large. If you want to follow the directions you will need 2/3 of a yard of fabric. 

My son is three years old and his head circumference measurement was 21 inches.  

The hat turned out great!  He loves it!  Now I need to make the apron to go with it. 

Link to tutorial:

Friday, October 2, 2015

I had a little time..

My friend is moving quite suddenly and I really wanted to make her a gift. I had marked a business card wallet that looked like a quick sew and I was right. I went through my fabric stash and came up with three combinations I liked.

I think she will like this one. I started with this one.

I am thinking that this would be an excellent gift for all the ladies in my family for Christmas. Totally manageable and satisfying. 

The tutorial is from a spoonful of sugar designs. Found here:

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