Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Craft organization: Fabric

I've been kind of excited about my organizing efforts. I saw this idea, I found it in So Sew Easy blog. It used comic book boards, called magazine boards, to make mini bolts of fabric.

Fold the fabric selvedge to selvedge. Fold again the folded edge to selvedge.  Place board at one end.  Start to roll up the fabric. One site I saw said to use a pin to hold the edge, but I didn't do that. 

I tried it and was quite pleased. I am planning on having boxes separated by different categories. I was happy to clear out bags of fabric that were piled up in my closet. I can see my fabric. I don't think there is anything more inspiring. 

I used a plastic filing box with a lid. I bought three more and plan on having all my fabric in one place. It's been strewn over the house for like a decade. I'm not kidding. :). Only thing is how to I organize tiny scraps. I will let you know. 

These are the boards I purchased for this project. 

Link to description:

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