Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween costumes

I tried to start early this year since last year I was sewing the pants to my little ones costume during nap time last year.

I purchased the fabric on October 1.  I know, I am supposed to be pairing down my fabric and crafty stash, but I needed fabric for the train conductor outfit and the little red riding hood.  

Sickness in my family prevented me from totally finishing the outfits, but I was pleased with what I learned from making these outfits. 

Here is the little red riding hood, her basket and a picnic blanket. The hood was from the Martha Stewart website.  I just tried to make up the pattern for the basket. 

Here is the train conductor outfit. I was scared to make the hat, but it turned out onset fully.  The pattern was the Eddie cap from the mushroom villagers blog. It's a very detailed pattern with lots of photos. I probably read it 10 times fully before I cut my hat. I didn't want to mess up!
Link to pattern is here:

The vest was a pattern I drafted from one of my boys vest.  I added welted pockets and a bit of trim on the bottom of the hole.

It was fun to make these costumes. I especially love the hat. I think I might make more.