Friday, May 9, 2014

Better late than never?

I ordered fabric for a blanket that I was planning on making for my husband for Christmas.  I figured 2 weeks before would allow time for shipment and the actual making of the blanket.  I was wrong..  :(  I received the fabric the day after Christmas, but I did a few late nights and was able to make it before New Year's Day.  After finishing the fleece blanket, I wasn't happy with how thin it was.  I wanted a nice warm blanket, so I ordered more fleece, this time from a different website because of the color selection and previous experience with the last vendor and received it in days.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to work on it for more than a month. When I finally was able to work on the project, it was slow going because trying to rework the original blanket and incorporate the new fabric was tedious!  Fortunately it all ended well as the end result is a large blanket to cover our whole family and thick and comforting.

The braided edge was something I saw on the Hart's Fabric website.  I feel that it definitely more polished look than the tied fleece look, but it takes some time and since I made a huge blanket, my hands started to cramp after cutting a million loops and crocheting the edge.  

I just finished up this baby blanket that I've been meaning to give to some friends.  It turned out pretty good.  A bit of imperfections show it was hand made right?  :)