Thursday, October 10, 2013

Organizing your Stash Take 2

So, a little while ago I posted a great handy pdf from Oliver + S patterns which would help you organize your fabric if you are like me and have a fabric stash.

I took it one step further and made it color coordinated.  I think it will really help me utilize the fabric I already have and I won't have to dig through a bunch of fabric piles. I'll just look in my handy binder.

Here's what it looks like:
This photo is of one page in the binder.  Red backing =  red fabrics.   

The other pages of the rainbow... 

I used colored paper that was a bit thicker than normal computer paper and I traced tabs in 3 locations so that the different colors next to each other did not overlap.  Red had a tab at the top.  Orange had a tab at the middle.  Yellow has a tab at the bottom, etc.  Then I laminated the sheets and put them through a 3 hole punch.

The fabric swatch cards are from Oliver + S and can be found here:

I printed these on cardstock and for the moment I just taped the fabric to the card and the taped the card to the pages of the binder.

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