Sunday, August 11, 2013

Getting inspired and Starting a Quilt

I was surfing the internet and found some awesome blogs that are so inspirational.

One woman learned to sew 3 years ago, and you should see all the quilts she's made in the past 3 years.  All this and she has 2 kids.  Kudos to you!
Here's the link to the quilts on her blog:

I found a web site called Sew Mama Sew and I love this as well.  So much inspiration and so little time..

The blogs and websites really got me going and so I started a quilt today.  One that I have been meaning to get started/done for over a year.  I have the fabric and everything.

I have been mostly only done quilts that were made of squares and rectangles so I was inspired to make one with triangles.  I hope it works out.  Cross my fingers.

I was able to iron and cut some fabric to get started.  I am excited to see if my vision comes out as planned.

The inspiration comes from Denyse Schmidt's Quilt it Kit.  I love this kit because it has great little projects. I've done the coasters project, and it even comes with fabric for the pillow project (which I haven't done.)  :)

The card that has inspired this project:

My idea on Graph paper: Hopefully it works out.

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