Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Neverending Blanket

I have been crocheting this one blanket on and off for 8 years.. Wow! Really?  My husband wanted a blanket that could cover both of us, wide and long. (He's tall.) When I started it, I thought it would come along pretty well, but I am doing single chain with a small crochet hook and it gets tedious.  I would get bored, or have some event that I just had to make something for and leave the blanket in the closet until I remembered to work on it.

A while back I timed how long it takes me to do one row;  it took 20 minutes.  So I've been through who knows how many balls of yarn, I kept buying yarn to add to it and I haven't finished it.  Maybe if I can commit to 2 rows a week I will finally finish it?  Or should I call it quits and say that the blanket only covers me?

I'll do 1 row a week and keep updating to keep me on track.

Update 4/15. I finished a row.