Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas is a coming... Part I

Somehow, Thanksgiving came and went and now December is here!  As usual, my intentions of finishing one project get trumped by a more pressing issue which at this point is the holidays.

Fortunately for me, my craft closet has lots of unfinished projects from Christmas past.  After a quick look through my closet I find several projects to get me started and hopefully can finished quickly.

Christmas Stocking
A few years ago, I sewed some stockings for Christmas from a beautiful plaid fabric.  At the time, the family was my husband, the cat and I.  This year with a new little one, we need one more stocking for the mantle.  With the fabric found, I can begin.

Materials for project:
Festive Fabric

The old stockings I made 2 years ago.  

I used a stocking I had made before for a quick template.

I sewed the sides.  Cut a flap for the top and sew to attach.

Create a loop from a rectangle of fabric and sew to attach to the fold. Voila! Done.

For stocking templates:
Mini stocking

Stocking template

Custom Stocking template

Pinup Wreath
I have all I need in my craft closet for a handy holiday card wreath.

Materials for Project:
Embroidery hoop
Clothes pins

The instructions are quite simple.  Affix the clothespins alternating back and forth.  Pretty much it.

I affixed the first clothspins at the top, bottom and the sides.

Then I attach the clothespins in betweens.  I used hot glue.  I'm not sure about the longevity of it, but if it falls apart, I'll know to use wood glue like the instructions said.

The finished project with cards in the clips. 

Yay! I finished 2 projects today!

Link to the directions:

Holiday Cards
Several years ago, I bought a kit to create a bunch of holiday cards. Note the year on the cards 2008, which I believe was the year before I purchased the kit.  It had cards, buttons, fabric flowers, and stickers.

Hot glue

I had fun messing around with the buttons and the hot glue.  Now I just need a good family photo to go inside.

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