Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas is a coming: Part II

A few years ago, perhaps 2 years, I purchased some oven bake clay for a project that I found on the Martha Stewart website. The title of the project is Cameo Appearances: Pierceware.

I never got around to the project, but had already purchase the materials.

The materials that I already had from my craft closet.

Reading the instructions from the website, I remember why I never got very far with this project.  The tool needed to make the nice holes in the clay is brass tubing, which I never found after I had already purchased the clay.

The instructions also call for wooden slabs to create an even layer of clay seem like a good idea as well.  Add it to the shopping list.  As a final flourish, I think red ribbon will be a nice touch for the ornament.

Today, December 6th, I went to the store to search for brass tubing and the wooden slabs.  I found 1/4 inch thick flat wooden trim for the wooden slabs although I probably could have done just as well with 2 paint stirrers.  The brass tubing was not available according to a person at the local Home Depot.  I searched through the aisles for a usable replacement and came up with crimp sleeves.

I'm not sure it will work out, but we shall see..

To be continued...

Link to the instructions for this project.

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