Sunday, November 25, 2012

Let's Get Started: Yarn

The biggest space hogs in the closet are my fabrics and my yarn.  I'll start with these to clear space. Let's begin!

So.. Here's the thing.  Most knitters and crocheters I know have a stash of yarn.  For most, it's probably a box or a bag, but I have an embarassing amount of yarn.  My collection has grown over the years for three reasons.  1) Yarn comes in a variety of colors and textures, and I fell in love with the feel or the color or yarn when I enter a yarn store (beware!) and bought it with no intended purpose at time of purchase.  I bought the yarn because it was beautiful.  2) Also, as people know that I love to knit, I've received a few balls of yarn as gifts.  3) As most knitters know, there are ends and pieces of balls of yarn left over from past projects or those projects that didn't quite work i.e. total project failure.  These reasons aside.  It does not excuse the large accumulation of yarn I have!

Here goes.
The shameful photos.  My Yarn Stash Exposed!

Since it's been getting colder, I've decided to start with a small project for my little guy's hands, some mittens!  I looked around for some inspiration on the web and there are a variety of free patterns.  I settled on the infant mittens from the purl bee.  (  It looks easy enough.  I might be a wee bit rusty in the knitting department, but I'll try.

I've come to know that I am a "loose" knitter.  I knit continental, which I find to be the fastest what for me to knit and maybe that's why I have a bit of a loose knit.  With that in mind, I have to remember to reduce my needle size by 1 mm, and the pattern should turn out perfect.

First, I need to find the perfect yarn in my stash.  Looking through at my odds and ends, I find a variegated blue yarn left over from a past project.  I think it was a baby blanket.  The good thing about baby knits is that it doesn't take too much yarn to complete, so I hope it is enough for these mittens.  The pattern calls for 2 yarns but since the yarn is already variegated the project will go faster than written.  Yay!  Here's hoping.

The project is going ok so far.  The cuff was looking too long, so I stopped after 10 rows.  It called for 12 rows.. I'm not sure how the project will turn out.  It may go as some projects go, a complete failure and pull apart or it might work.  I'll let you know..

Ever forget where in a pattern you are?  I use a post-it and tally up my rows.  I put a tally after I start the row so I know which row I am on.

Infant Mittens instructions from the Purl Bee:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Unfinished Objects: Clearing out My Craft Closet

If your like me, you look at something in the store and if it's too expensive or just not quite right for your style you think, "I could make that!" without thinking about the time that you'll invest to shop for, buy, and finally craft the perfect item.  But it's the process of creating something with your hands that is enjoyable and gratifying.

I've dabbled in knitting, crocheting, sewing, candle making, lip balm making, crafting homemade cards among many other things and have the craft closet to prove it.  With a new baby in the house, I'm attempting to trim down my craft closet as it is in the baby's room.  I'll try to resist adding to my craft closet and use what I have accumulated.  By exposing my embarassing amount of craft items, I will hopefully be shamed into paring down and get those projects done.